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“Titan” and “Frankie”

We love broadwater for all of our horseware needs!!  IC and LC



“Ben”  looking very handsome in his blanket. SS.




  Noah, sporting his gorgeous black and red!!

“Ruth at Broadwater Tack and Blanket is so helpful and understanding! She truly takes the time to understand and find you and your horse’s needs from tack to blankets and everything in between. When I am itching to tack shop, Broadwater Tack is my one main stop!” LM
  K-9 Louie Love from K-9 Valor Task Force
  “Stewmeat” in his awesome Shire’s blanket from you!! JH
 “Dobby” – ML
  “My smug stripy cat disapproves of your hooligan stripy cat” – CM
   “My new child that will be clothed by Broadwater! The very best prices and selection of high quality tack…. and the funniest ads on the internet. ??“– C.A
  “Anton” SM
  “My sassy kids which they could wear your blankets to keep warm!” -SM
 “Roscoe, JC Dr Googles Boogles  jonesing for a new Rambo from Broadwater! ” MG
  Always perfect pony, “Parfait” aka Cinnamon- MG
 Mac – MG
  “Trip, the only one in the house who is happy about the spring snowstorm…”  LS
Our new “used” turnout sheet!  Looking very spiffy in purple!
There is so much to love about this ❤❤
Happy horse with new halter!!
H.k, for being a loyal friend,  devoted customer, and always thinking of me!